About us

Since its establishment, City Delivery has been contributing to Hai Phong’s leadership position as the logistics hub of Vietnam.

City Delivery’s top-tier services and well-trained workforce differentiate us as your preferred logistics partner. Our core values highlight the essential pillars of customer orientation, synergy, continuous improvement, pro-activeness and accountability. A work culture based on these values pushes us to aim beyond your expectations.

We understand your company and that your needs are unique. That is why customization, scalability and being customer-driven are so critical to us.
We also understand the key to success is collaboration. We focus on what we do best and maintain neutrality as a business partner to all third-party logistics players. It is only through our partnership that we can provide the best end-to-end solutions to our customers.

With increasing demand for logistics services, mounting competition and rising performance expectations, the City Delivery team strives for continual improvements in our facilities, our technologies and our processes to help you achieve greater business success while making our footprint more environmentally friendly.

Cao Manh Ha.